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3 points, hoodoo and shutting up Arnie

Tonight Western Sydney will walk onto a familiar battleground that has done us a few favours.

Ever since we had our Grand Final moved to Moore Park in season 1 against the Mariners, it has not been a happy hunting ground for Popovic’s men.

We have picked up just 1 away win against East Sydney way back on the 15th of December 2012.

It is time to put this hoodoo to bed.

East Sydney have won nothing in this time and i believe most of us would like that to continue.

We are struggling to keep in touch with the top 6 as it is and 3 points are needed to give us a realistic chance of post season football.

If another reason was need then it has to be to shut up Graham Arnold and to an extent Alex Brosque.

Every derby they are in the papers playing mind games with Popa and the squad like Glenn McGrath and Steve Waugh would do before an Ashes campaign.

This has got to end.

Wanderers results haven’t been great this year, but one thing a lot of draws also points to is that the base is there, it just needs some enhancement.

Vedran will have a massive game to play but we seem finally to have the quality ‘keeper we have wanted all season.

Martinez and Jumpei are playing better every week and will be crucial in testing the Smurfs defence.

Cornthwaite and Aspro played well last week and it is hoped they might kick on as the base to build a defence around.

There will be many questions asked of all levels of our squad tonight.

But if we are to have pretensions of trophies this year, then it will be on the road again, we cant host a home final if we wanted to.

The likelihood is we will have to win semi finals on the road too, we might as well start chalking some wins up at these venues now.

With Perth and Newcastle playing each other there exists an opportunity to move up a place, with a loss however there is also the opportunity to lose touch.

This game is crucial, we can prop up our season, end the hoodoo, shut up Arnie and his mate from Fairfield, torpedo their trophy hopes and then look to recruit this January for the rest of the season and Asia beyond.

Whilst our record isn’t great this year, the job isn’t impossible.

We don’t need a miracle, we just need to play to our potential for the whole 90.

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