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It is time to question Popa.

I am writing this in response to this article we published a few months ago:


We decided back then that it was not time to question our manager, but since the start of the season we have won only 3 games, drawn 9 and are in 8th place. We are 2 points outside the top 6 and had the chance tonight to leapfrog into 5th on the table.

We have a great team on paper. Martinez, Janjetovic, Dimas, Nichols, etc. Yet we can’t seem to find the back of the net. Our players seem afraid to shoot opting to pass off wide to shaft the responsibility for someone to put in a cross. We have always tried to walk the ball into the net instead of shooting, and after 4 and a half seasons its clear that the players are under those instructions.

More importantly, Popa needs to explain his decisions as a manager. Starting with his choices in his starting XI and starting bench.

If someone could explain how MotM from the last week is benched for an hour I would love to hear it. If he has a reason for keeping Sotirio on for a full 90 when he made error after error I would love to hear it. Martinez needs to be on for 90 mins, with Sotirio getting limited if any game time. Taking off Nichols and Jumpei in a game like that when we needed to attack is just ludicrous.

Let’s also not get started on the dropping of Bulut without having a replacement ready to go start of the transfer window, only to sign Griffiths in the last 5 days.

Perhaps there are things going on behind the scenes at training. We all know how hard they get worked during the week, maybe it’s too much for them in the harsh Aussie sun. Maybe they are fed up with the authoritarian ruling from their manager.

Whatever it is it is simply not good enough. If anything, Popovic should’ve left during the off season to save his legacy with the club.

Throughout the week we will list 5 potential replacements for Popavic.




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