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Over and under reactions are astounding, but not unexpected.

Red and Black Football does not condone the tifo that the RBB displayed at the derby, it was over the top and offensive to many and therefore not within the core ethos of an inclusive club.

That said, 14 bans totaling 18 months each equals 21 years of absence for many core members of the RBB whose crimes include putting a hand on a banner.

This is farcical and yet again highlights the lack of transparency with relation to punishments for infringements at A-League fixtures.

If an appeals process had already been established on a National level than these club enforced sanctions would be easier to stomach.

But the facts are these active members have been presumed guilty on the back of CCTV footage which has been extensively viewed.

This still does not ask the 14 to come to a tribunal hearing to state their guilt or innocence, they are just tarred with the brush that Rebecca Wilson first dipped.

Today the club has also been fined $20,000 for bringing the game into disrepute, the conditions placed upon WSW and the RBB are unprecedented.


  • The Western Sydney Wanderers suspended the membership of 14 individuals from the Red & Black Bloc (RBB) active supporter group for all matches.
  • Western Sydney Wanderers will require the members they have suspended to undertake a recognised social inclusion program approved by the Club prior to any re-admission to Wanderers matches before their club-enforced bans can be lifted.
  • Western Sydney Wanderers will monitor all media platforms for any further breach of the Spectator Code of Behaviour with a view to shutting down the Active Area if there is a further breach
  • Western Sydney Wanderers will monitor the actions of the fans at matches for any further breach of the Spectator Code of Behaviour with a view to shutting down the Active Area if there is a further breach.

The third and fourth conditions are simply disgraceful. That there should be a “view to shutting down active” is everything that is wrong with the administration of Football.

Who in any League in any footballing nation would contemplate shutting down active?

That we are run by rejects from other codes yes men doesn’t help, they are scared of what the Bloc represents and would like to see it join the NT.

Maybe they should target the Cove instead, below are some fan videos you wont see in the Main Stream Media, their darlings are not happy after all.

The Cove throw bottles and other debris at stadium workers. Not 1 word… but if it were us.

Pitch invader runs on as Vedran makes a quick sidestep, it seems some people who hold violent intentions towards our players are not required to be scrutinized by the media.

It is amazing that most of this scrutiny and action by both the club and the FFA has been at the behest of Sydney FC who demanded personal apologies from senior members of the club and active.

This is a case of mass hypocrisy, what the RBB did was foolish but far from a hate crime, come on it is satire.

Send a T Spoon of cement to Moore Park.

Pelting people can cause serious injuries. Those bottles went a long way meaning its likely they had some liquid in them, a hit in the temple could prove fatal.

Where is that conversation?

Jumping on the pitch and running in a B line for our Goalie who just kept a clean sheet against you… not a word.

If security hadn’t nabbed him Vedran could have been split to pieces in a couple of swings. His intentions haven’t made the news, however his positioning when tackled lays that bare.

Why is our club being railroaded into these Kangaroo court judgments on our active fans when they didn’t hurt anything but people feelings?

If we had acted as our Eastern cousins had we would have had 14 points taken let alone members banned.

And therein lies the problem, one with no absolute solutions, no due process and a make it up as you go along ethic with no recourse to appeal.

Until that changes the friction between active and the League looks set to continue.



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