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Play all games in the last round at the same time

This weekends round hardly looks exciting, the Premiers are long since crowned, second secured and all semi finalists confirmed.

But the permutations for the elimination final could hardly be more convoluted.

The games that will ultimately decide who finishes where are Adelaide vs Wanderers, Brisbane vs Wellington and the match of the round, Perth vs Melbourne City.

That these games are not being played at the same time like they would in a mature footballing nature is a travesty.

The spoon may have already been settled if Newcastle lose to Sydney FC taking the pressure of Adelaide United who play Western Sydney straight after.

They will know they would only need to avoid a heavy defeat at home to escape the shame.

It is even more farcical on Sunday when Brisbane and the Phoenix play, Brisbane can secure third with a win.

Well provisionally.

Perth play City in a 6 pointer whereby both teams will know how many goals they will need to score to get third or fourth for that matter.

These games should all be on at the same time, 3pm on a Sunday with a red button option to flick through, a real live table where every goal changes standings.

Instead we will have 5 games all played separately for TV’s sake, building up to a crescendo of whats best for the last 2 clubs.

Football is not just a beautiful game, it is a beautiful concept, one whereby all can play, the rules are simple the skills easy to learn and fair play emphasised from Under 6’s through to all age.

“Fair play” and “FIFA” are an uneasy lexicon as are “best interests of football” and “TV rights” here in Australia.

One of the pure joys of football is the last day of the year, there is always something up for grabs and viewers gravitate to that match whilst clicking frantically across the spread with your phone on and your laptop with a pirate stream on.

Well, that’s how i do it!

The A-League instead of finishing with a bang is building up to a contrived whimper.

It is simply not fair to all the teams.

The way teams play on the last day ebbs and flows in desperation due to the results around them, it is a special kind of anxiety, one football fans cherish.

We are not Rugby league, Union or any other code for that matter, we are Football.

It is time that we were treated as such.

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