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The best of the best part 2- right fullback

Following on from our first week in this series, we are happy to announce that Ante Covic has been given the nod for the best goalkeeper to play for the Wanderers. Thank you to all who were involved in both reading and reacting to the content.

But now we move onto the right fullback position. In chronological order the Wanderers have had; Jerome Polenz, Tarik Elrich, Shannon Cole, Dean Hefferanan, Daniel Alessi, Daniel Mullen, Yuseke Tanaka, Scott Neville, Keanu Baccus. Considering this week it is an extended list of right backs, keanu, elrich and alessi will not be included in voting, as they have the least amount of appearances for the club.

In year one the Wanderers unearthed one of the hidden gems of the A league in Jerome Polenz. His two years at the club were highlighted by constant aggression in defence and a steady mind when pushing forward. Integral in the push for the premiers plate in year one, polenz proved too important for Popovic to let go, keeping the German on for the champions league campaign the following year. Despite not finding the same heights at Brisbane, polenz has been an ever favourite of the wanderers faithful.

At the same time as polenz run in years 1/2 Shannon Cole was rotating with him for the right back position. Who can forget his excellent free kick against Sydney in year one? Or his excellent run of form in the champions league, scoring numerous crucial goals for the wanderers. Over the years, coles versatility has expanded, often switching sides for fullback and pushing further up the pitch as a winger. Not to mention, the only surviving original wanderer.

While polenz was an instrumental figure in both champions league and a league fixtures for the Wanderers, it didn’t mean he was going to play every match, as fitness became an issue with all the travel requirements. Popovic then brang in experienced defender Dean Heffernan to cover polenz during the busy schedule. Heffernans experience was welcomed in both campaigns but wasn’t given enough time to truly show his worth at the club.

In year 3 the wanderers had to invest in new players all across the park, starting with Daniel Mullen. Playing more regularly in the champions league then a league, his tall muscular figure proved difficult for Asian opponents to deal with. In the same year the wanderers also invested in Japanese international Yuseke Tanaka, who was excellent in his short time at the club and was probably the most missed opportunity in terms of right back for the wanderers.

In recent years it has been the ever present Scott Neville at the helm of the right back position, constantly steaming forward to provide numerous crosses and attacking threats. A rock in the backline, Neville truly provides the best competition for polenz as the best right back.

But now we will leave it up to you, prepare for the upcoming photo this afternoon regarding the best right back that has ever played for the Wanderers, the winner will be revealed next week, when we discuss our best ever left back.

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