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Things that need to change during end of season crunch time

We are now getting into the business end of the a-league season and, let’s face it; there haven’t been too many highlights in comparison to last. As games quickly become fewer, we have found ourselves slipping lower and lower down the table with very minimal signs of improving. It is obvious that changes need to be made, but whether any changes are going to be made is a different story. Here are 5 changes that need to be made during the end of season crunch time.

The final pass

The Wanderers passing and build-up play is usually top notch, and this has been proven constantly throughout the season. Almost every missed opportunity has been just a miss communication or a miss timed final pass. If we are able to fix this up, who knows how many more chances and goals we can create.

Popa’s rotation

I understand, squad rotation is pretty much part of any team sport. But being we’re in the situation we are in, and our position on the table, we need to be playing our strongest team week in week out. Granted injuries and suspensions happen, and player’s attitudes aren’t always the best, but if the Wanderers are constantly changing the line-up for no reason, it makes it harder for players to understand their teammates on the pitch.

Players being afraid to shoot

It seems to be the case in a lot of football teams these days; players would rather walk the ball in the net than have a shot and risk being criticized. Wanderers have shown throughout the season we have some players who definitely know how to shoot the ball. Martinez and Dimas have shown they have great accuracy when it comes to striking, if we only had the confidence, we could’ve had a lot more goals.

Squad Clean-out

This may be a topic better left for post-season, although I am sure almost every Wanderers fan is annoyed about the high turnover of players we have coming in and out after every season. We know Popa’s methods have worked previously; you simply can’t chop half the players during the off season and expect them to perform. While salary cap limits and player’s personal lives can be a problem, we should be doing all we can to keep our key players on board.

Fans attitude

Right now, probably the biggest change that I think needs to happen doesn’t even involve what’s happening on the pitch. Wanderers fans have always had a reputation as probably the most passionate and dedicated fans in the league. This season has been different though. I realise that the results have not been the best this season, but when we chant “Win or lose we will always follow you” we chant it because we mean it. Even the rants throughout social media this season have been ridiculous with the amount of #thispersonout and #thatpersonout. Fans need to realise, every team has bad periods where they could be playing well, but results do not come.


By John Kotsiopoulos

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