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FFA backs down on smoke

So, It seems the FFA have decided to “allow smoke devices”, and going off some news sources, supply us with these smoke devices. What is the FFA thinking, one minute they’re banning people for flares, putting active support clubs on a tightrope with their suspended bans and fines.

They have watched 2 Active Support groups fold because of the way the FFA treated fans, and now this. Surely the FFA is backing down? Being a member of the RBB, I have no problems with flares, on a march, I walked right next to a flare, flares have been ripped 3 seats in front of me, and did I feel threatened? Short answer: No.

But it seems everyone that views pictures of flares or those that see/hear of them being ripped over social media, have the most to say. Now that they have no FFA to cling to about smoke devices, I would love to see them and their opinions on these “safe smoke devices”.

I honestly do not mind the idea of smoke devices, but I do see the problem of slightly segregated active areas. Smoke (whether it’s from a fire or tobacco) isn’t the most sound thing to breathe in. In saying this, the FFA, and the Clubs, whether they’re to implement these safe smoke devices, would have to divide up active areas.

You would have to have to be of a certain age to get into the areas where these smoke devices would potentially blanket the Fans. Now a quick message to all Anti-Flare Fans, these are not flares, but these will improve the quality of active support.

After a goal, the rush and then the added flare (smoke device) adds another dimension and takes it to another level. Now obviously on derby days or big games, more smoke devices would be used, but the difference is that it is FFA approved and anti-flare Fan Approved.

Hamish O’Rourke

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