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5 Reasons Janjetovic will be starting GK in the Derby

With the Sydney derby on Saturday night, and Janjetovic having already played his first game in the Red and Black, we take a look at why he will be the starting Goal Keeper on the weekend.

As a side note, Janjetovic and Tyson both trialed at Sydney FC for the gloves, with Vedran beating his now stablemate, and has only improved ever since.

5. His record

From 105 A-League games, he has 26 clean sheets. Or in other words, every 1 in 4 games he keeps a clean sheet. If we compare that to the other keepers in the league; we can see that is up there with the best.

Vukovic: 262 games, 73 clean sheets = 27.8%
Covic: 185 games, 55 clean sheets = 29.7%
Galekovic: 278 games, 91 clean sheets = 32.7%

Note that these figures only include games for A-League clubs including cup competitions.

This shows that whilst Janjetovic is behind the rest, he has played a considerable number of games less than what the other have, therefore giving himself plenty of time to catch up

4. His set piece positioning

Set pieces have been something that we as a club have always struggled with. Whether we be taking a short corner or a short free kick, to defending a corner into the box or a free kick towards goal.

However, Janjetovic has proven time and time again that he is a master of defending free kicks, is able to position his wall correctly, and is as brave as any to take a leap to grab the ball out of the air or to dive on it when feet are flying. He certainly seems the answer to our set piece woes (defensively at least).

3. His Distribution

One of our problems over the first half of the A-League season has been the distribution from our keepers to start the attack. Too often we would be in a situation where their attackers have pressed up too high, our players are making a dash towards there half only for Tyson or Redmayne to hold the ball too long to start a counter attack.

Janjetovic last week showed that he has the skills to throw a quick ball out to start a counter attack, or to hold up the play and let the defenders do the work. Either way it has been a huge improvement on the first half of the season.

2. He has a point to prove

I’m sure we all know the story of why Janjetovic wanted to leave Sydney FC. If not here’s a quick refresher:

After being their first choice keeper for a number of years and clocking up 100 A-League games for the Sky Blues, Graham Arnold signed Danny Vukovic and gave him the starting job. Arnold wanted two first choice keepers, Janjetovic wasn’t too thrilled at sitting on the bench again.

So Janjetovic now has the opportunity to show Sydney FC that they made the mistake of releasing him, and that he should never have been dropped to 2nd string.

1. He played exceptionally well last week

Yes we yet again failed to keep a clean sheet. However that is no fault of our Goal Keepers. It comes from a poor clearance and lack of urgency to get to the ball. Also it was a brilliant goal that no keeper could have actually saved, not even Neuer.

And that save in the last few minutes of the game… highlight of the night for us. World class that many keeper would have struggled to save, perfect positioning, closed down the angle and pulled off a magnificent save.

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