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A win or loss away from dreams or nightmares

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, moreover, I hope the New year will be good to us all and much better for our club.

We are sitting in the mid-table obscurity that has become far to familiar of late, in truth we were world beaters when we had no owner and have become cannon fodder since we were bought.

The lack of a dedicated marquee after being spoiled with Shinji is depressing, why should I raise a player who played for us in 2012 as a standard for what is happening in 2019?

We know there will be no movement in the window in January, unless a Bosman falls from the sky.

But the team needs surgery, we have moved to a new home itself resembling the cavernous mansion we once packed out.

It is a world-class stadium without an A-League quality team, the truth is that if Babbel is to succeed he needs to be backed.

If he isn’t backed then I fear for the future, we will have a new team in a turf war with us next season and if they are half as successful as Western United then we will have very real problems.

As it stands we could win in Adelaide and find ourselves a point behind them and if results go our way even sneak in the top 6, should we lose we are within striking distance of 11th, themselves just 3 points behind us.

Between now and the next derby on the 8th of February, we have Adelaide, then lowly Brisbane, Central Coast and Wellington themselves just a point above us now.

If we are serious of having any chance of making the finals this is the time to win the games that regardless of our history between these clubs, we should win.

We are a win away from turning our season around, we are a loss away from coming last in an 11 team League containing a team a matter of months old.

Let that sink in.



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