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Absalonsen the Red we should look to sign as marquee

Wanderers seem to be buying Adelaide players left right and centre for next year, if we wanted to sign up guaranteed A-League quality for our marquee next year then Johan Absalonsen would be the name to give the fans a lift.

His contract is up at the end of June according to Transfermarkt and available on a free he would represent a player within our current business plan.

The 32-year-old is on a hot streak and is dangerous across the attacking third, if we were to maintain Riera he would form a deadly partnership with the big Spaniard.

The talk is that club legend Brendan Santalab will not be resigned by the club, words that hurt my fingers to type, if Santa is to leave reinforcements to our attacking stocks are a must.

Every year we go fishing for free transfers in European Leagues without much success, players find it hard to adapt and it doesn’t help playing under 3 managers in a season either.

It is one thing to blame Josep, it is another altogether to back him with some proven quality as our next opponents Melbourne Victory did when they brought Besart to AAMI from Brisbane.

Wanderers need proven quality, with rumours that Cejudo too will be let go it will free up a visa spot, instead of trolling through videos and hoping to get lucky, the club should make Absolonsen an offer he can’t refuse.

The manager deserves and needs reinforcements to take the club to the next level, Absolonsen’s signature would go a long way towards that.

Gavin Devine

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