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Alex Brosque hates us all

Alex Brosque has come out with among the most foolish things to say before a derby stating:

“I’ve told the boys previously in games that we hate every single one of them, and that’s the way it should be.”

Now i couldn’t really care less that such a one dimensional player has such narrow views.

But it is becoming a regular occurrence that the Smurfs trash talk before the Derby.

Arnold cant wait for one of the 3 games his team plays all year that is sold out.

With the soap box giving him national and indeed international access, he is not short with words yet again.

“If we do have one little edge on them, it will be … that we’ve got players that have experienced the Sydney derby. They’ve got 15 to 16 new players this year and it will be a new experience for them of the Sydney derby.

15 or 16 new players, that many huh.

Then of course there were these hard cases putting fear through Wanderers fans last season.

Hektik Hektor best summed up Smurf Hooligans.

Now that Alex Brosque wants to talk about hating us is fine, but don’t blame us when your tifo goes missing ?


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