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All time top 5 Wanderers flops

Over the years, the Wanderers have had some incredible talent, producing numerous amounts of highs and enticing the fans for more. Despite all this good, there has been moments of bad unfortunately and some players who have donned the red and black haven’t hit the highs of some others. Here we are going to try and rank our top 5 worst/ biggest flops to have played for the club.

5. Andrew Redmayne

While some would rank Redders higher in terms of the flop factor, it would be easy to forget his first season, where he was overall quite good for most of the season. In his second season however, was when things went downhill, having a string of bad performances and becoming the clubs scapegoat whenever he was on the pitch. The final nail in the coffin for Redmayne was when 2nd choice Jerrad Tyson was chosen ahead of him, to the background noise of the RBB chanting Tyson’s name, ouch!

4. Aritz Borda

Borda came to the club with a lot of promise, having continued on the wave of Spanish recruitment seen at the club, he was promised to be Alberto’s replacement. While at times he showed defensive strength and a good connection with youngster Aspro, for the most part he was mediocre. In one of our biggest games of the season, Victory away, he failed to clear the ball with an air swing and then allowed the attacker to slide past him with ease. His ball playing ability was lacking, often finding the sideline more often than Nico and co.

3. Kerem Bulut (season 2)

For this selection we are only considering Bulut’s second stint at the club, only due to the fact that his first season he was quality for the most part. His return was touted as a huge event and fans were excited to see his re-arrival, unfortunately for Kerem, he couldn’t find his feet and struggled in his time last season. Often he was either offside or causing trouble with the oppositions centre back, not a good look for a once Wanderers hero.

2. Ryan Griffiths

Following Bulut’s departure the Wanderers only had 1 experienced striker left on their roster, Santalab. Nearing the end of the window, the Wanderers needed another option up front and looked at former Jet, Griffiths. There wasn’t much hype around the signing from the first instance and many doubted his impact being 35 years old. Well the doubts were proved true when Griffiths made minimal appearances for 0 goals.

Honourable mentions ( Sam Galloway, Nick Ward)

1.Federico Piovacarri

I think everyone saw this one coming, coming to the club with a lot of promise after seasons in Italy and Spain, Piovacari is the only marquee on this list and for good reason. After

scoring just 2 goals in 14 games for the red and black, Pio was dropped for Santa and wasn’t seen on the pitch for the rest of the season, a flop if there ever was one.

Andrew James Ellison

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