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Another 2 points dropped, now it’s time for Gombau

For the 3rd time this season we lead and threw away the lead, we are undefeated this A-league season but are languishing in 5th position due to a lack of discipline.

Since an opening day win over Perth, the first Round 1 win for WSW ever, we have shelled points to the Mariners at home and Sydney FC and Victory away.

It is the last two games which are of most concern, we lead 2-0 vs the Easterners and should have taken all 3 points.

Tonight we watched the referee reposition the ball, walk in front of the striker before he took the penalty, have a review a few minutes later and then blow the whistle to take it, i feel for Oriol.

That said we must be more ruthless, a 10 man Victory were there for the taking and we let slip a lead that we should have increased both from the spot and in open play.

Having a team down to 10 men for an hour and only taking a point is criminal, we didn’t exploit our extra man advantage and have been punished with the draw.

Josep will inherit an undefeated team in the A-league who had a brilliant offseason and for the loss in the FFA Cup to Adelaide would be in a far more positive place.

He must crack the whip and get the boys firing.

On a positive note, our goal was beautiful to watch, our Latin players combined with Cejudo, Llorente and Riera scoring a peach of a goal.

Hopefully, under Spaniard Gombau, there will be many more goals to come.


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