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Banned for swearing, Nanny state has gone mad

First and foremost I love my sports and often swear when watching a match, I swore plenty at NRL matches, the cricket and of course at the Football.

I swear in the pub watching football, i swear in forums arguing my team’s position, I swear when we miss, I swear when we score.

What the fuck is wrong with that?

Honestly, if you have never vented your anger using a few choice words then you are truly a saint, Football fans are not saints, but we are disproportionate sinners, imagine these bans in the NRL let along the AFL?

Their stadiums would be empty, their fans would be dragged out moments after kick off, the language used at an Australian game day is often quite dirty, it is a cultural facet that is as old as sport itself in Australia.

How many sports fans have slowly chanted the obligatory BUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLSHIIIIIIIIIT after a dodgy penalty or an LBW decision for that matter.

This crosses all codes, are we now to sterilise Australian sport to the level of North Koreans fans obediently participating in State-sponsored tifos glorifying the revered leader?

Gallop and Lowy are a disgrace, neither are fit for purposes, they are destroying the game in every way.

Soccer Australia was run better FFS.

Juniors are not playing enough whilst paying far too much.

The National Curriculum is a stone wall failure and should be ripped up.

The NPL clubs deserve a seat at the table as they have repeatedly petitioned for.

Promotion and Relegation must be implemented, the cartel of A-League clubs are anti-competitive, it stymies growth putting a lead ceiling above the clubs who have traditionally grown our talent.

Expansion is a buzz word used when FIFA come to town and debate sacking the lot and starting from scratch.

Bans handed out like free copies of the Telegraph are still to be rescinded, no appeals process has been forthcoming despite the pledges to do so.

All the while we have a leadership completely inept at listening, daft and self-serving they think only about the mega money they make whilst bleeding the game white.

To ban fans from swearing is to ban everyone’s right to protest, if we light a flare it is illegal, now to use foul language as an excuse to arrest shows really how little rights we have.

By the letter of the law it is correct, so if that is to be quoted as a rebuttal, please submit yourself to your local police station and dob yourself in for everytime you have sworn, make sure every sport is put under the same directives and let the fines and bans flow.

We will pay off the national debt by next Monday.

What we are in fact seeing is Football being victimised, and that ladies and gents to put it in my most eloquent Strayan is Farked.

Gavin Devine

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