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Campbelltown to host the ACL, why not the A-League too?

Campbelltown stadium has been named as Western Sydney Wanderers home ground for the 2017 edition of the Asian Champions League.

This is great news for spectators who whilst happy with the modern facilities at Spotless, are more than a little peeved at the distance to the action.

This has essentially meant that Wanderers have lost our home ground advantage.

The edge that the atmosphere of the RBB and all other supporters bring to WSW is priceless.

You simply cant buy it, look at the Cove, plenty of money no music.

By moving our games to Campbelltown we would go back to the rectangular blue print which means the Bloc and 3 other sides are in your face.

There is no where to hide and we can see the whites of your eyes and hear your calls.

No one likes us, no one likes playing us, no one likes our fans and the media has created a narrative whereby Western Sydney is the home of Grubs and Urban Terrorists.   

This narrative is extremely useful over 90 minutes.

Let them believe what they want, anything that puts them off their game is fine by me.

At Spotless our alleged 18,000 members are catered for with plenty of empty seats.

I think that there must be something like 3000 out of town memberships.

They only get 1 game each per year so they are not going to add massively to the crowd numbers.

Next year there is a double header at Campbelltown when Wanderers W League and A League teams will play against Newcastle Jets.

If this game is well supported and the fans are happy, surely we should look at making it our home until Wanderland is rebuilt.

Of course contracts have been signed and schedules made for this year, so we will have to see it out.

But with little movement in construction at Parramatta and a log jam of sooks in the NRL wanting our stadium funding, our exile may be prolonged.

For this reason i would suggest we look at moving to Campbelltown next season.

Unfortunately I am not at all optimistic we will be back home anytime soon.

Better to have 15,000 packed into Campbo with a house full sign up next year than the status quo.

Hopefully we sell the Asian Champions League games out.

We can build the case not just for A-League games to be played there in the short term, but to scare the crap out of the opposition and get out of our group.

Imagine a members vote on ANZ or Campbelltown for an Asian Champions League Final home leg?

I know how i’d vote… the same way i did last time.

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