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Clear out 2019, who stays and who goes.

Another season, another cleanout. Sick of it? I’m not, but it’s getting hard to see players not care about the badge and colours.

The players need to understand, that every game is important.

Nizic: we haven’t seen a lot of him, and unfortunately, it seems he is on the outer, I’m going to say go, although I do feel for him. Go

Janjetovic: Our stalwart, he is good in patches and in others leaks more than a boat with a gash in the side. He needs to regain his form, he loves the club and the chance we gave him, so I say Stay.

Llorente: Pace, he had it, he lost it. Again its a hard one because we have seen the best and worst, but its a Go.

Hammil: Stay, bleeds red and black, and he has a passion that has lacked in the last few years. Also strong in CB. Stay

Elrich: Look, he has been strong in parts, but his pace is lacking, keep for the bench, can be a good impact player/backup with an injury. Stay

Brucey: Easily one of the most exciting signings we made, playing in the wrong position, but has adapted. Good pace and ball use isn’t the worst, Stay.

Baccus: To inconsistent, and his temper lets him down. Yellows pretty much every game. Quick but cant keep his head. Go

Gallifuoco: Has looked strong, during the derby was strong and played well, would be a good pairing with O’Doherty if not let go. Stay

Riera: Easily the most divided, either you love him or want him gone, has been the clubs best striker, unlucky not to score in the derby, needs to find form again and he will be a force again. Stay….please

Baumjohann: Earlier in the season, was strong. Every defense targets the living hell out of him, maybe needs a bit more protection, good player and class. Stay

Duke: Stay, need i say why?

Mourdoukoutas: strong youth player, and easily a good rotation player. Stay

Sotirio: ……….

Mahazi: Is improving, but loses the ball to much, toss up between stay another year or go. Undecided

Tate Russel: STAY STAY. Strong at the back and worked hard every game. Stay

Yeboah: Do I need to say anymore. Stay

Ziegler: Strong when he plays, runs the defense. He and Hammil were strong at the back, glimpses of when we had Topor and Spira. Stay

Majok: Have seen him score a goal, but his first touch lets him down, although pacey, his touch needs working on. Go

Fitzgerald: Unfortunately, another exciting player who hasn’t gotten game time, for him to get game time he will have to go. Go

O’Doherty: Very good at the back, liked what he provided, played well until he got injured, one to keep. Stay

Cordier: Again like Fitzgerald, needs to leave to get more game time. Go

Clearout time, do you agree? Maybe more need to go, I have left out players that are from the youth setup and players that are rumored/going to leave

Hamish O’Rourke 

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