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Fans don’t want Popa back, but anxious for new coach

Our poll on RBF has revealed that 65% of Wanderers fans are against the return of Champions League winning manager Tony Popovic, this is from a sample of 2200 votes.

However, the groups, forums and conversations among fans are revolving around one thing, the need to sign a manager and begin the task of building a credible challenge next season.

Wanderers have been declining for a few seasons now, last season saw a false dawn in the preseason as we progressed in the FFA Cup and beat all comers in our friendlies, the future looked bright.

Then Popa left the club just as the momentum had been built, we dithered on signing a new manager and then the draws turned to losses.

Foxe was replaced by Gombau and the clash of style and squad lead to inevitable sackings, restructuring and then the axe ultimately falling on Josep.

Now we are signing players without a manager in what appears a cruel form of groundhog day.

We do not know who will be staying, however, we have seen the first departures.

The club needs to get a gaffer in place as quickly as possible, let him create and dictate the style and the signings.

The A-League has just stated there will be a marquee fund for next season, if we are to avail ourselves of this, it can’t be done by the board, it must be done by the manager.

Hopefully, there will be news on this soon, but the fans have spoken on one possible candidate, Popa may be our past but he is not our future.

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