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Fans rage at VAR and Sotirio online

I was going to write this yesterday but thought better to calm down, choose my words a little more carefully, the thoughts however are exactly the same, as are the reactions online.

The decision to chalk off Wanderers lifeline goal was horrendous, i have seen more contact in a game of netball not draw a whistle. If a player falling over off the ball equals an excuse to chop off a goal then honestly we are going to see 50 such calls per game.

Watch Zullo, he makes no appeal until the ball is in the back of the net.

Football is a physical sport, it is a game played by competitors who literally fight for possession and position, if we are to take this alleged incident as a foul, then the moments preceding any given corner in any match will throw up 5 or more separate VAR issues every time.

Players grab at each, have their arms around their opposition players torso or lock in an elbow, before the ball has been kicked the jostle and frenzy throws up 20 incidents in the blink of an eye. The same can be said when a few attacking players come into to break up a defensive wall from another set piece.

How many goals will be ruled out by the VAR because a player was obstructed in either of these situations?

The other main talking point was Wanderers veteran Sotirio, he was again completely outclassed when in on goal. Once again he received good service and in one case rounded the keeper but his touch was heavy and the chance went begging.

He has been given numerous opportunities to mature into a composed first team player, instead, it is groundhog day every time we see his name on the sheet. As an attacking player he lacks composure in one on one situations, his finishing is dire and most of the goals he has scored were kicked straight at the Keeper.

He looks out of his depth and that Babbel has continued in the same vein as Popa and Gombau and stick by a player who offers plenty of energy but little finesse is showing the fans how far the current team will go. We are not going to win much with Sotirio in the team, let alone silverware.

In truth our performance was a major improvement on the FFA Cup disappointment, Roly missed an open goal, O’Doherty hit the woodwork, we had a goal scratched off and Sotirio as earlier mentioned butchered a gilt-edge opportunity.

Wanderers tried their hearts out and the boys can be proud of the shift. That we were robbed of our goal is a very bitter pill to swallow, that we spurned opportunities is one for the training ground. We have a good team, not a great one, but one who can make the semi’s.

If we make it hopefully the right teams will be picked and the right decisions will be made by the officials, both on and off the pitch.

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