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Fans upset with new stadium format, Media zone gone mad

For a game that struggles to get media coverage Wanderers sure seem to have exaggerated the media zone at the new Wanderland.

The media zone takes up an entire grandstand and the Bloc looks set to be mixed with non active supports on its fringes and on the second level.

For those who do not like the extravagance of Active putting them above the noise, swearing and possible smoke below is a recipe for disaster, not to say having members either side of them on the top deck.

One thing that has plagued the club from the outset has been realtions between those who want to see a European/Latin American style atmosphere in Active vs those who want to take the kids out to watch the Sockah.

Putting these elements together is sure to cause friction on social media whereby a rant turns into a headline in the ever hungry media houses that hate Football.

That these same houses get an entire grandstand is mystifying.

Now there will be sponsors and members of the stadium too, but in essence, this will be a grandstand full of suits.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out, the Bloc has always had the northern end to itself, Who Do We Sing For has always been offered to the stands East and West, I am not sure how much of the media crowd will join in.

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