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Finals Scheduling and Pricing or How FFA Are Ripping Off Fans

So we have finally learned our finals fate. Our route to the Grand Final will see us travel up to Brisbane in what will be our 4th finals game against the Queensland team, winning the last semi in an amazing 5-4 comeback.

A win would see us come back to Sydney to take on our cross town rivals FC in a thriller derby semi final before what is a likely trip to Melbourne for the Grand Final.



Having already made 3 Grand Finals, we’re in for a decent chance at making our 4th appearance this season, going our last 7 league games undefeated.

We are also probably the only team that could beat Sydney FC, as we have done so once before. Never forget that we are the 1 in their 20-6-1 record.


Dimas Free Kick


But lets take a look at our preliminary final:

We play away to Brisbane, Friday night at 7.50pm.

That takes out thousands of potential traveling Western Sydney supporters already. 10,000 traveled in 2014, how many will travel for the final this year?

On top of that, adult tickets start from $45.

Yes FROM $45!

So let’s look at what a total cost might look like for a trip up to Brisbane for the night.

Lost wages from day off work on short notice – $200
Match day ticket – $45
Flight plus hotel – $400
Food and drink – $80

Alright so they might be rough estimates but you get the point. That isn’t even factoring in travel to and from the airport.

FFA have really dropped the ball by not making it a Saturday night, prime time game.



They do get all the ticket sales from the finals, so I can see why they’re trying to charge a premium, but at the end of the day the people going are the fans that have been there every game, or the casuals rocking up for some finals football.

Why price them out of the game FFA? You’ve really dropped the ball on this one.

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