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Golden Star of the West

Today is the 2 year anniversary of the greatest sporting achievement in Australian history: Wanderers winning the AFC Champions League.

Against all odds and far superior budgets, the “Small club” from the Hills rose like a mountain throughout the tournament continually beating teams they were not meant to.

Ante Covic will forever be remembered for the fine saves in the Final, particularly the second leg.

But his penalty save in Korea and general play in mustering WSW’s defence is what got us to that stage.

He was a lion among men and the finest player of the tournament without a shadow of a doubt.

Huge moment from Santa.

As we look forward to the near future, we will again be participating in the Asian Champions League this year for the third time.

Should we get out of our group, no team will want to face us.

One major problem we do have this time around is Spotless, it is far from intimidating as Wanderland was.

The decision by the RBB and fans in general to lobby for a Pirtek Stadium final was a masterstroke.

We scored a priceless goal and kept the most precious of clean sheets.

The hundreds of thousands in gate receipts we never collected is a mute point.

No one cares.

When we have our ACL games, maybe we should be looking at playing at Penrith.

The stadium is rectangular and it will be freezing at the bottom of the mountains in May.

Asian teams in their Spring will not enjoy the breeze off the Nepean.

Regardless of where we play our next games, always remember the fairy tale that was our triumph.

Our boys put Australian football on the map and a few months later Spira and Tomi were playing for Australia with another medal around their necks.

They will not be the last Champions we produce for Australia either.

First leg highlights.

Second leg highlights.

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