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Gombau needs a win as media rumbles for Popa begin

Josep Gombau has his head prematurely on the chopping block according to some scribes with former gaffer Tony Popovic being suggested as a readymade replacement.

In fairness, Josep needs a full season at the helm, inclusive of an offseason rebuild in the image he wishes to take the club.

Since our FFA Cup run and preseason we have had 3 different managers, with Popa rebuilding the team and building a real buzz around the club until dropping a bombshell on the eve of the A-League.

Hayden Foxe took over and performed well under the circumstances, had we held the 2 goal lead against the Smurfs who knows how things would have turned out, but ultimately we drew too many games we should have won.

Gombau after an eternity of speculation was finally unveiled as Wanderer’s gaffer but hasn’t set the world on fire, we have lost far too many games, the worst of them in the derby 0-5.

Last week we again took a lead against our rivals only to surrender it, the performance was better but the result the same, we again lost a game that was there to win.

As much as defeat hurts, I believe in Josep Gombau, I believe he can ultimately lead us to a maiden Championship and I believe he needs time to plot our course for such a campaign.

It is unfair to give a man someone else’s squad and expect him to get them playing like world beaters, all the harder when you remember how protracted the appointment was, this squad has had to play 3 systems in one season.

We should give Josep our support, allow him a window to build his own team and let him work his magic on his own terms.

To get the opportunity to manage us next year, he needs results and quickly, that begins with lowly Wellington Phoenix this Saturday.

3 points is a must and for 2 reasons, above we have the chance to jump Adelaide and below we can put space on Brisbane who are themselves nipping at our ankles.

There is no point believing in a finals campaign this year if we cannot defeat the team destined to finish last.

The boys need a response against the Nix, not just to strengthen our position on the table, but to play themselves into contracts next year.

Whoever manages us next year, you can bet there will be a cleanout.

There always is.

Gavin Devine

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