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Great performance let down by lack of striker.

It feels like a broken record discussing our lack of firepower up front this season. Perhaps that’s because it has been our biggest issue.

We started the year with 3 strikers; Bulut, Santalab and Scott.

Scott was outstanding in our NPL2 campaign last season. But that’s the problem. The gap between NPL2 to NPL1 is large enough already without making the jump to the A-League and unfortunately Lachlan is finding that out now.

Having played 9 games for 316 minutes, he is yet to find the back of the net. Im fact he has only had 1 shot on target with 3 shots total. Very poor stats for a striker.

Santalab has been amazing for us so far this season, being both a great starter and super sub. Unfortunately he has served a 3 game suspension, where all 3 games we could have won with him up front.

And with Santa ageing, he has very few footballing seasons left in him.

Finally we get to Bulut. Coming back to the team as a fan favourite, Bulut was full of promise. However that’s the only thing he had. 2 shots on target out of a total 4 with 6 games played. These are not figures you want your starting striker to have.

On top of that, we released him without having a replacement ready to announce start of the transfer window. So not only are we lacking a goalscorer, we release one without having anyone lined up. Mind blowing.

It is very clear; we need a striker and we need one now. Our owners must open their cheque books and spend big. Otherwise we can kiss any hope of making the final 6 goodbye, as well as any chance we may have in the Champions League.

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