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Half Phoenix half C-Town, franchise system gone mad.

The A-League and its love of Derbies are looking like humping another one upon us, this time at the expense of Wanderers territory in Campbelltown.

The blueprint as it stands is to have 2 teams enter the competition via expansion with Southern expansion a likely candidate, meaning we could have 4 Sydney teams in a years time.

This is ludicrous, halving the Smurfs already meager crowds and our own which are in freefall on the back of poor treatment of supporters and lack of effective collaboration with security and police, let alone the FFA will lead to 4 poorly supported teams in Greater Sydney.

Think of it, if Wanderers had been playing the way the Easterners had in the last 2 years then tickets would have been sold out in advance for every game.

They couldn’t even sell out a Big Blue semi-final with back to back titles on the line, hiving off the south-east to a contrived franchise will do them no favours as they move to Leichardt whilst their stadium is rebuilt.

The same can be said for WSW, Campbelltown has been a secondary base for Wanderers in Champions League, FFA Cup and regional games, this franchise will clearly take territory off us.

The idea of half its games being played in NZ is a lot like being half pregnant, it is only going to end in one way and that will be for the birth of a South Western team when the Kiwis get bored of supporting a nominally Australian franchise.

The Kiwis entire sporting ethos revolves around beating the West Island, their Kiwi crowds will crumble and the remainder of the shareholding will be transferred to the Australian consortium.

If a Western Sydney team is to be promoted to the A-League then fine, Blacktown City, Sydney United, Olympic and Marconi would welcome the opportunity, they built the game in Sydney after all.

That we are staring down 4 teams in Sydney with an NRL administrator in charge reeks of another game’s blueprint, there are plenty of teams more worthy of A-League Football than a team that doesn’t yet exist.

It is a shame that the only people who feel that way do not have anything to do with the sports governance.


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