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Heartless decision by club not to pay players

Wanderers have had a hard season, it didn’t start off well but since Babbel was sacked the results have improved, with 5 games to go the boys were on the cusp of a top 6 finish and a run at the semi-finals, something we could establish as kind of success and then build upon it next year.

Of the final 5 games, there are 3 home matches, these would have brought in some match day sales, catering and merchandise sales, however, the majority in attendance would have been season ticket holders who paid their fees long ago.

The club was a matter of games away from our yearly lockdown anyway, to use this pandemic as an excuse to stop paying our players is a disgrace.

Why not sit them down and ask them to take a voluntary cut or a deferment of wages as we have seen with Barcelona?

Instead, we have seen Lederer act ruthlessly, it is very poor form for a man with hundreds of millions of dollars who refuses to buy a marquee we know of, is unable to bring in a manager with a proven track record for fear of the coin it will draw and habitually looks to pick up players who are out of contract and have nowhere to go.

He has turned Wanderers into Australia’s version of Arsenal, we have a beautiful stadium, pay huge prices for tickets, have a healthy profit which we never spend on quality, we constantly bitching about the manager and the board and we are seen by our rivals as a big club with no real chance of winning anything before a ball is kicked year after year.

But to stop payments to our players who have beaten Sydney FC twice this year and were unlucky in the third meeting is cruel, these players have fought for the jersey this year if we keep the nucleus of the squad together and bring in a few new signings we could see us do something regularly seen as an achievement at Arsenal which alludes us… finish fourth or better.

Instead, we are going to see our best players move to other clubs, we will invest nothing in developing a new squad, prices will rise and we will again be thankful clubs like Mariners exist to give us a buffer to the wooden spoon.

For the love of God Wanderers, call the players together and have a meeting, work out a pay scheme and let’s ge through this together.

Now is not the time to look after yourself, as a community club, we should be there for each other, let us hope Mr. Lederer has a change of heart, if he can’t find it in himself to cover 5 rounds of wages, maybe he should sell his stake.


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