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Is this finally the Wanderers year or another year falling short?

Opening the season has never been a strong point for the former champions of Asia. Of the 5 years of existence in the A league, the strongest return of wins in the first month is only two.

This occurred in possibly the clubs most successful year, year two where they finished 2nd in the regular season, reaching the A league grand final and beginning the run into the quarter finals of the Asian champions League.

Many fans are unhappy at this early stage of season 12, where ‘easy’ points were dropped against the Mariners and Jets. But, looking at previous campaigns in comparison to the current, this season is actually the 2nd best in our short history.

Take away from some small lapses in defence and being more clinical up front, and the Wanderers walk away with 9 points out of a possible 12. With the exclusion of the ‘demolition’ Derby, signs have been increasingly good for the boys out West.

And, when considering the massive overhaul of players, signs of confidence in defence and a greater attacking threat up front, are starting to come.

Jumpeii Kusakami has looked dangerous each week and should grow in confidence following his first goal.

Martinez is equally as impressive, bagging an assist within 90 seconds of his starting debut.

The 3 grand final defeats for the Wanderers were not all the same but all had a similar issue, the Wanderers struggle to change their tactics when the big matches come around.

So even if the strings start to come together this season and a fourth A league Grand Final looms around the corner, the question still remains about how the Wanderers lift their game during the big moments.

Despite all these predictions, no one knows how the league will end up, just look at Adelaide last year and you’ll know it’s never over until the fat lady sings.

But for the Wanderers, the next month is probably the most crucial of their entire campaign, coming up against competition and title favourites; Perth, Victory, City and The Roar.

The time for Wanderers to start hitting their straps is now, as momentum in the league is key, especially considering their Champions League commitments later down the track.

So the next month will be crucial in deciding whether this will be the year for Western Sydney Wanderers, if we play to our potential, we will go a long way towards that allusive Championship we all crave.

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