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Keeping Nico

Nico Martinez has been a revelation in Red and Black this year.

The Argentine who is currently on loan from Olympiakos must be secured to a permanent deal.

This will probably require the one thing that Wanderers have yet to do in our history, pay a transfer fee.

We were linked with Scott McDonald earlier this year and that deal fell through because we didn’t offer money, we just asked if we could have him.

Later we had representatives ready to sign Robbie Keane but it fell through on hefty personal terms.

Popa himself bullishly stated that we are not a small club, it is time we stopped acting like one in the transfer market.

Securing Martinez to a long term deal would allow us to build a team around him, look what the Roar and now the Victory have done with Besart.

It is a business plan that is highly successful.

The Smurfs tried it with Del Piero but forgot to build a team around him instead expected him to win everything for them.

We have the makings of a good team and with Bonevacia coming next year and more signings expected, we could build a team to be feared.

The key to hitting the ground running in round 1 and not round 21 is securing the main threat and then planning around him.

If we sign up Nico long term it will save us the transfer pain that has become ground hog day since our heroes of seasons 1 and 2 left.

Season 1 saw us nail our visa spots with Shinji, Hersi, Mateo, Jerome and Iacopa lining up alongside the misfiring Dino.

Since then it has been the opposite: Piovacarri, Seyi Adekele, Alberto, Andreu, Takahagi and Tanaka have come and gone without leaving an impact.

Borda, Dimas and Pinatares are likely to leave at the end of the year and we will again search for foreign stars to try and gel immediately with another redesigned team like last year and the year before that.

Saba and Castelan are among my favourite players, i wish they were still both at the club.

The former fell out with the manager and the latter’s departure is incomprehensible given his 2nd last game for us vs Brisbane Roar, was his finest.

Jumpei hasn’t set the world on fire but the effort is there, he looks like a player that will improve with a 2nd season, if he gets one that is.

Roly is himself from the island nation of Curaçao meaning he will take one of the spots on offer.

If Jumpei and Nico were to remain we would be looking at 2 more visa spots.

If they go we are looking for 4 new players including a marquee, this is the anti thesis to stability and we will again start from scratch.

Whatever happens between now and the end of the season, if it ends in glory or despair, i hope that Popa is given funds not to recruit but to retain.

We have a gem on our hands in Nicolás Martínez, pay Olympiakos what they ask and sign him for 5 years.

You can bet that City will if we don’t.

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