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Lowy’s demise and Actives rise

Ding dong the witch is dead, the Lowy era can be consigned to history and Football can get back to being how it was before his authoritarian reign, colourful, vibrant, marketable and above all, passionate.

With FIFA poised to administer football directly, it appears that Lowy has fallen on his sword, his intransigence in negotiations and divide and conquer attitude with the associations has been well documented and has ultimately lead to his fall.

But I digress, now that the impediment to progress has been removed the issues that face Football must be tackled head-on by a pragmatic approach.

In the terraces this means that ideas like safe smoke bays which were discussed last season must become a reality, the pyro question has hung over football for long enough with nonsensical bans and point deductions being bandied around.

The swearing¬†bans may well dry up as there won’t be a need to say FCK FFA if they can get their house in order.

In the boardroom, we must see the expansion of the Congress and the establishment of a second tier which will both link the NPL and A-League and construct the pyramid which is typical to every footballing nation save the USA.

Football is an amazing sport which has been mismanaged long enough, our national curriculum is a failure, our promising talent pays to play, Old Football is prevented from rising and New Football has a Youth system which plays a handful of competitive matches and is top-heavy with foreign journeyman.

Add to this the disenfranchisement experienced by supporters and whoever takes over has a lot of work to do, far from being a negative this is a massive positive, lots can change quickly, we are a few board decisions away from setting the scenes for terraces full of colour and noise.

With Wanderers coming home to Wanderland after this season, those custom made standing bays will not be empty upon our return, all we need is for the FFA to elect someone who loves the sport.

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