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Martinez must stay

Western Sydney have in Nico Martinez a real gem, a player of South American ethic, of European quality, who is in the prime of his footballing life.  Nico is currently contracted to Olympiakos FC, the current Greek Super League leaders. Olympiakos are currently 11 clear at the top having lost just once and drawn 3 times in 17 matches. With such an impressive team they may be open to a cash offer.

Cash seems to be something the club appears afraid of spending since Ballack was first linked with Wanderers in season one. The rumoured transfer for Scott McDonald from Motherwell looks to have broken down again after we politely inquired to take him off their hands for nothing 3 weeks after he signed for them.

Football clubs don’t give players away, they sell them. The rest of the footballing world doesn’t understand the word ‘Franchise’ and its time we stopped acting like one in the transfer market. The failed policies of Soccer Australia who scrapped internal transfer fees have left behind a culture of waiting til players are off contract or unwanted.

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We should stump up the cash and buy Martinez on a long term deal whereby if he attracts European attention we have a the ability to recoup our investment with interest. With relation to McDonald who for all his Socceroos failings, he would be prolific in the A-League we should offer hard money for the transfer, Motherwell have less money than the Mariners after all.

Western Sydney Wanderers as we stated before Al Hilal, is not a small club. We are not poor, we are owned by a man with hundreds of millions of dollars yet have the penchant for a bargain. As Redmayne has proven, there are only so many miracles that can be performed with players other teams don’t want.

If we are going to bridge the gap between ourselves and the rest of the A-League we need to start acting like the teams above us. They build their entire squads around their marquees and visa players. Imagine the Victory without Berisha or the Roar without Broich?

Martinez provides the spark and enthusiasm in midfield that can take Wanderers to the allusive Championship we all crave. Being realistic, that is probably not going to happen this year. Therein lies the dilemma, we are likely going to have another player in his role next year unless a deal can be brokered with the Greek giants.

The revolving door recruitment policies at Western Sydney are not favoured by the fans as much as they are by our mercurial gaffer. Fans are screaming for stability, the construction of a squad which improves year in year out and whereby the best are retained and those who have not lived up to expectations are moved on.

The answer to both our striking woes and the long term make up of our midfield are simple, we need to spend. Olympiakos are drowning in honey in Greece, 11 clear of the pack. Martinez may well be surplus to requirements or not guaranteed game time should he return.

As with all things, we will never find out unless we ask.

Wanderers and indeed Tony Popovic have turned wonders with players who failed to fire at other clubs. Both the club and the manager deserve credit for this. Martinez himself is on loan as he has not been able to break into the Olympiakos first XI so it is again an example of Popa getting the most out of a player others haven’t.

Now that we have got Martinez firing we cant let him go. The facts are that every other football club on Earth with a Gold star on its shirt spends on renown quality, it’s time Western Sydney Wanderers did the same.

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  1. BeeMo

    January 27, 2017 at 2:21 pm

    He’s terrible. Route problem of our poor season. He has been dispossessed 33 times this season. The next closest in the League is Conner Pain at 17.
    Stop looking at the flashy skills & look at the end product. He has produced 3 assists…Mitch Nichols has 4 despite being on the ball less. You can have all the skill in the world but if you make poor decisions you are a poor player. ACTUALLY WATCH WHAT HE DOES INSTEAD OF LISTENING TO THE COMMENTATORS!!!
    If we wanted to keep someone to build a dynasty around that man was allowed to slip away. Aaron Mooy.

    • Tim Long

      January 27, 2017 at 3:48 pm

      Thank you for providing your view. It’s always good to receive feedback and a variety of opinions.

      I would however disagree. I think he is a brilliant player that has been let down by his team mates, particularly his strikers. He would be top of the league in assists if the numerous chances he creates were capitalised on. It’s the same with his dispossessions. He gets caught out because he is forced to hold the ball longer than he otherwise would while waiting for an option.

      I watch him very closely and his skill on and off the ball is amazing. He can cut through and lose 2 or 3 defenders like they weren’t even there and then manages to get a ball away.

      Thanks again for your comment. Happy to hear more of your thoughts and I hope you stick around and see our other content!

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