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News: Bruno to be dropped

Close sources have informed us that Bruno Pinatares hasn’t traveled to Brisbane with the squad this week, and isn’t scheduled to train with the youth team either, as would normally be the case for a player dropped from the first team squad.

This fuels speculation that Pinatares is on the outer, and with Popa we all know what that means. With days running out in the transfer window, we could potentially see a visa spot being opened up. But would it be a case of too little too late?

Another possibility would be the departure of Dimas. His wife is expecting to give birth in April/May and reports are that the Wanderers captain may be heading home early.

The Wanderers are obviously needing a run of form to carry us into the finals, and the signing of a proven international striker to assist Santalab and Griffiths would be at the top of the shopping list one would think.


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