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One Step Closer to the Edge – FFA Cup Review

We take a quick review of our FFA Cup Semi-Final match against Adelaide at Campbelltown on Tuesday night.

We lost 2-1, it sucks. Roll credits, good night.





Ok fine! I’ll do something! Geeze.

This is painful.

I could blast the selection of certain players, particularly given that many played an intense and physical game only a few days prior (some looking absolutely shattered by the end of it). But I won’t. It would be unfair to point blame at an interim coach.

Similarly, it would be unfair to blame the Board for having an interim coach as they are taking time to pick the right long term replacement.

I will also not comb through the performance and pick out each little error, of which there were many, and blame that player/s or moment/s. In the end, Adelaide were the better side and deserved winners. End of story. Bye bye. See you later. (Obscure Shrek reference for those playing at home).

The only positive I can take from it, other than that Gallop’s master plan for a Derby Final flopped again!, is that we have continued our pattern of getting 1 step further in the FFA Cup each year and, by that logic, next year we will make the Final and the following year finally win the damn thing!

Now let’s all forget about this, grab some cool refreshing turnip juice (obscure Simpsons reference), and I’ll catch you all in Newcastle on Sunday where we look to continue our unbeaten start to the A-League campaign!


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