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Our 2nd game was a game of twos – WSWvCCM Review

The Wanderers came from behind TWICE against the Mariners, on Saturday night at Spotless Stadium, TO draw 2 TO TWO (tutu 👗) – in a game that was TOO close TO call (I’ll just let myself out)…

Speaking of 2’s, Hamill bagged his 2nd goal in 2 games and for his 2nd side this season, which was also the Mariners’ 2nd goal of the game (it’s the gift that keeps on giving! (I’m sorry, I’ll stop soon – ok maybe a COUPLE more)). To be fair to poor Hamill though, the ball was already going in after Janjetovic ran out off his line, only to be chipped by Daniel De Silva. While it may be hard to blame Janjetovic completely for that goal, the first was a spilled ball by Vedran, tucked away by Felix Asdrubul (BOTH names fitting for a cat in my humble opinion).

The Wanderers’ 2 goals coming from an Oriol Riera penalty (which was top class) and a Roly Bonevacia strike (hitting a falling cleared ball first time and straight into the back of the net).

The general balance of play was disjointed and not fitting of the Wanderers we came to know and love last week. I guess that’s what happens when you judge a team on 1 game… but we were excited damn it!

*technical difficulties*

… The Mariners had the better of the play for the most part. Looking far more comfortable. Although the Wanderers had their moments (other than the TWO goals) they turned over possession far too often and far too easily to really sustain pressure or control in the match. What was sure is that the Mariners showed that last week’s poor result against their F3 rivals (1-5 loss to Newcastle) was not an indication of their quality or how their season will play out. The Mariners were energetic, fluid and surprisingly strong defensively (giving little time and space (and even continuum) to the Wanderers all night).

Off the pitch BOTH of the Wanderers’ supporter groups (hehe) continued to work in tandem. They continued the call and response “Who do we sing for?” with each other and provided a surprisingly good atmosphere for the dissapointing crowd of just over 11.5k. Despite the poor attendance, Spotless is continuing to feel more like home (only took about 2 years – BOOM!).

It’s hard to pick a standout performer or even a standout non-performer. For the most part we were just mediocre – and got a mediocre result to show for it. Usually a come from behind draw feels a bit like a win, but on this occasion it still feels like a loss – or at least feels flat (probably due, in part, to our high expectations of the match).

All we can do now is put this behind us as a poor game at home that we managed to take a point out of. We now look forward to our next TWO important matches.

Saturday 21 October – Sydney Derby at Allianz Stadium

Tuesday 24 October – WSW v Adelaide in the FFA Cup Semi-Final at Campbelltown Stadium



(WSW goals to Riera (P) and Bonevacia)

(CCM goals to Asdrubul and De Silva/Hamill)

OH and almost forgot, Andrew Hoole got sent off with a Red late in the SECOND half after receiving his SECOND Yellow. I guess he was TOO reckless.

Thank you and good night!

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