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Overreaction, or active losing traction?

We all know the result from sunday, a 3-1 defeat. Again we lose to the boys from the east, but that wasn’t the most disappointing part of the night. What I found, and what I saw was a rather large number of empty looking bays, bays that hadn’t been filled, or if there were people there, all under cover. The A-Leagues Flagship event managed to scratch up “25000” people. As if by magic, no one bothered to look at these poor statistics, instead, they’d rather pick on certain events.

Oriel Riera fires one in, were up 1-0, and the one thing I’m sure NewsCorp were begging for was a flare. And, they got their flare story, they got their 3 days of RBB bashing material. When the flares were lit, something changed in the RBB, we all kicked it up a notch, going to a new level as we belted out “Ale Ale”. From the start I could see us getting media coverage, even apart from the flares, the “FCK FFA” (RBB where do I get one of these?) Shirts were in full swing, taking aim at the game’s directors, who everyone can plainly see, are killing this game, the A-League that we love.

Adrian Mierzejewski bangs one in before halftime, bangs one in shortly after halftime, and bobo sinks one in later in the game, to shut off any hope of points. Again, we stared down the barrel of defeat to Sydney, but we also stared down at a bunch of idiotic (to put it very lightly) fans of Sydney. As they went around to our side of the stadium, they then went and walked straight into the active bays. Now apparently security at derby games are always beefed up, (makes me wonder if the cops are for us or for show?) so how did they get into the RBB bays? and almost get chased out by the RBB, Get scared fellas? They then made their escape from the RBB, running away and ended up sitting down in the Mixed bays. Two minutes later, a large police presence was seen, and the troublemakers acquired by police. They then decided that punching and defying the police was acceptable, and that being apart of “Sydney FC” meant you were untouchable. Well, I hope you serve a bit of time, and I hope NewsCorp pull their fingers out and decide to report on this!

Aftermath of the game,
🔹️Get home without drowning from rain and deep puddles outside Allianz ✔
🔹️Go through Monday copping it from friends who support Sydney FC ✔
🔹️Recieve Email From Wanderers ✔
🔹️Read Email from Wanderers 😠

After the point of reading this email, I became enraged, the club had closed down the active area. Not even 2 full days and they had closed us down. This naturally made me very angry, being an RBB Member, but since the flares were the most singular talked about piece from the game, why didn’t anyone from our club try to provide evidence or try talking to NewsCorp, about the Sydney fans that came into our allocated bays? Tried to start something reminiscent of a David and Goliath, flee and then abuse police. Instead, you just pandered to the FFA, and the icing on the cake, you got NewsCorp to talk about us more, by giving us the ban! Active support is what made this club great, its what still makes this club great, but the Wanderer’s board, haven’t been sticking up enough for us publicly, maybe in fear for denting the reputation more? or the fear that the FFA will come in. Why should you fear the already corrupt FFA? There is no way the FFA will win this battle against football fans, especially active fans who feel like they still have no support from them! The meetings, the walkouts, are around the corner, and the FFA wont do a thing about it.

Ill leave you with this, as Mark Bosnich said “fans can do without football, but football cannot do without its fans” something didnt click, and it still hasnt.

Hamish O’Rourke

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