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Performance worth more than the points

Today we are in a curious position, none of us want an away trip to Perth but our result cant be counted on to avoid them.

Perth are not a better team than the other two, but with a trip to Saitama looming we have enough travel to contend with.

A win for Western Sydney will propel us to fifth, a position we will maintain if the Glory fail to defeat Melbourne City tomorrow.

Brisbane of course are playing Wellington before hand and these 2 games will ultimately decide our Elimination Final fate.

But we cant go into the game worrying about what other teams will or might do, we have to go out there and put in a performance worthy of Championship contender.

After this weekend we have at least 1 more match in the A-League and 2 dead rubbers in the ACL, i would assume we will be playing weakened teams in the ACL and trying to prime our best for the weekend exertions.

Whilst disappointing that we are out of Asia, it is actually to Wanderers favour as the Roar are still alive in their Champions League group.

If we draw Brisbane they will be fighting on two fronts in a sudden death format in both.

At the bottom of the table, Adelaide will be watching Newcastle play hoping that they lose and release the pressure.

Unless Newcastle can upset the Smurfs then Adelaide have nothing to play for other than pride.

If the Hunter outfit draw with or Eastern neighbours it would have them move to 23 points, equal with the Mariners but with 2 less goals.

Adelaide would then need a draw to avoid the spoon as they too have a 2 goal advantage in for and against.

Lets hope Newcastle get something out of the game, i would love to see the Reds cop the spoon!

Also it would be a far sterner test of our players playing a live game.

Of course if the last round was all played at the same time the entire A-League would be buzzing about the possibilities, instead we have to wait for the games that will decide our Elimination Final opponents tomorrow.

Good luck to the boys today.

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