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Poll: Stay at Spotless or move.

With Spotless stadium failing to be up to standards not only for this rounds match but also against Brisbane on December 2nd, should we be looking at the showground as the base until the new Wanderland is finished?

Playing at a multi-purpose venue sounds state of the art but all it means is that the land gets churned up by other sports or concerts.

So where do we draw a line between not just facilities vs atmosphere, but also against primary access?

The facilities at Homebush are excellent but the atmosphere is dull, Western Sydney has other rectangular options lying idle until March, in particular, Penrith and Campbelltown.

When you look at Newcastle Jets hills on either end you would think that Belmore would be available also, it would have about the same capacity too.

So, I pose the question:

Should WSW play at Spotless til Wanderland is rebuilt or move?

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