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Popa’s favourites need to go

Yesterday was ground hog day as we again watched a system that Melbourne find very easy to play.

We watched another goalkeeping error and all of our early dominance and field position wasted in an instant.

We watched Pinatares play for an hour and do nothing in it.

We watched Kearyn Baccus come on again and do nothing.

We watched Jaushua Sotirio play the way he has for his entire Wanderers career.

That is to say he doesn’t score, doesn’t set up anything, isn’t much of a defender and passes to players in worse positions than himself.

How on Earth i have mourned the loss of Shinji, Beach, Saba, Castelan, Bridge, Juric and many others whilst having to sit and watch arguably the least skilled player in the A League is beyond me.

Popa has his favourites and they are not working.

He has a system and it is not working.

The renown no nonsense defender has assembled a defensive line the laughing stock of the A League.

This team will be dismantled in Asia without immediate reinforcements.

The need to buy this January is stark.

We are already out of Premiership calculations and all that awaits us is to finish in the 6 if we are lucky and the obligatory away Grand Final in May.

Popa is a legend and will forever be an immortal to Wanderers for his service.

But posterity is for the future, if he is to remain or even to leave on his own terms, the next few weeks will be crucial.

We need points, we need a Keeper we can believe in, we need a system that produces goals, not excuses.

If Tony Popovic cannot produce these things quickly the boos will ring out before long.

The members have seen enough.

That Redmayne was given as much license as he has this season is ridiculous.

That Baccus and Sotirio are in the team at all is a joke.

If they had been sent packing and Romeo and Bridgey were retained think how much better the squad would be?

Instead we are toothless up front and lacking in pace out wide.

That Popa comes out and says that we played well is not on.

We were woeful and we were punished.

Football is played for 90 minutes but is settled in a few seconds, those crucial seconds are not going our way at either end.

It is time to change, either we clear out the players who are not up to standard or we change the manager.

Pinatares cant play a whole game, why would we put him on the park?

Baccus is garbage and i am a Blacktown City fan, i am embarrassed he is a product of the Prospect Highway.

Sotirio… no words.

Redmayne needs to go, he is a toxic figure who has butchered our Premiership chances with lackluster keeping at best.

I haven’t given up on Bulut, it is hard to attack a player not in the squad.

This January Western Sydney Wanderers need a clean out.

Or a new coach… and then an even wider clean out.

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