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Ray Hadley brands RBB Capo a ‘lunatic’

No sooner has the NRL season begun than everyone’s favourite grub is back bashing Western Sydney Wanderers fans.

Hadley has taken to some radio station old people in Brisbane listen to in order to complain about the Bloc, by all means, click on the link and listen to the audio link yourself.

Why someone who is based in Brisbane talking almost exclusively about Rugby League is talking about the Bloc is anyone’s guess, maybe it is the continued campaign to destroy the showpiece of Football, its support.

The Bloc has been attacked relentlessly by right-wing commentators who whip up fear on everything from ISIS, to Gay marriage or even worse, that round ball all the migrants like.

They are obsessed with the defamation of Football, the last thing they want is our game reaching its potential.

We have ourselves lost a Capo this weekend for peacefully and verbally protesting against the absolute mismanagement of our Beautiful Game.

Supporters have had enough, there is no point repeating the often stated statistics which show how our game is in terminal decline.

That those with enough balls to stand up for our game and lead in protest are victimised shows a fundamental issue not just in our games administration, but also in our nation as a whole.

We cannot allow anything to change, those in charge must remain so, don’t rock the boat and don’t complain when the boat throws you overboard, it is your own fault for daring to plot another course.

Work until you are 70 or be branded a bludger, pay a million bucks to live in Blacktown (my hometown), eat Woolies budget beef whilst our best cuts are exported, pay $50 a carton of Tooheys New, pay 20 bucks for a pack of durries, sit down shut up and don’t complain.

Rules are rules, follow the leader.

It doesn’t matter how stupid the decisions which govern us all are, we just have to accept what the powers that be decide without complaint.

Football is run by a pathetic cartel of self-serving arseholes that make both sides of parliament look like Mother Theresa.

These latest bans and the regulars who jump on the bandwagon to attack them are the issue.

Not the RBB.

Gavin Devine

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