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RBB members unfairly banned for rant at players

Yesterday was appalling, the first 40 minutes in particular where we looked positively clueless, what you have just read are words, words of condemnation which are there on your phone, tablet or PC, no different to words yelled at players at halftime.

They are every fans right to say and whilst negative should not be a pretext for someone receiving a ban.

The above video has circulated on Twitter showing 5 supporters walking up to the tunnel at halftime and giving the players a spray, it must have worked as we looked better in the second half.

Whilst the score didn’t change that was due in part to the heroics of Eugene Galakovic in the City goal, the veteran was having one of those days where he was never going to leak a goal.

He made 4 or 5 brilliant saves including a penalty showing that Wanderers were at least trying to make the man advantage count, the first half was lifeless and insipid and has social media somewhere between anger and depression.

The anger stems from the poor performance, the depression from the fact we are becoming accustomed to it, we are a big club who knows what it is like to be a Central Coast fan, looking back on a fine history 6 years ago and watching everyone else help themselves to 3 points every time they visit.

The difference is of course that Wanderers have far more resources and our clubs owner is minted, he just doesn’t spend any of it.

This is a point that isn’t lost on our fans, whilst we watch model Football clubs like the Victory going about bringing in fantastic marquee players and holding onto their Aussie core for seasons and seasons, they truly are run the way we wish to see Wanderers run.

Instead, we are moving towards a new stadium that will be the pride of Football which if this continues will have less than 10,000 in attendance.

As the crowds are falling, now isn’t the time to stifle criticism, it is time to bring it out into the open and create a forum for the club to move forward, maintaining the current course is only going to hand the West to Macarthur.

I fail to see how that clubs administration will replicate the aloof ownership model, banning procedures and lack of expenditure on quality players which have categorised the reign of Paul Lederer.

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