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Remember #Popaout

This Christmas the Wanderers family would dearly love to see nothing more than 3 points in the stocking, it has been so long since we won a game.

Our pre-season was the best we have ever had, our FFA Cup run the deepest we had gone and our signings looked to be the best batch recruited since season one.

Then Popa left and half of Wanderland got its wish it would seem, things have deteriorated ever since.

We spent an age appointing a new manager and whilst Hayden Foxe wasn’t defeated he picked up the solitary win whilst squandering leads most memorably in the derby.

Josep Gombau hasn’t set the world on fire since arriving and already there are whispers that the board is not happy with the lack of results.

The winless Spaniard has inherited a team that is finding his style hard to adapt to and Popa’s last rebuild of the team looks like it will need to be torn apart and rebuilt again.

That or he will be sacked and Wanderers will have gone from having one manager for the entire history to 3 in 4 months.

I would caution against sacking a high-quality manager so soon, instead, I would suggest that we do what every other football team on earth does when it is in distress midseason, buy during the transfer window.

For this to happen we will need to clear a few players out, Popa never had any problems cutting players that were not fitting in his plans, I am sure the club knows how to do it.

If Gombau cannot find room for our marquee players in his team then they must be replaced.

It is awful to see us down the bottom of the ladder when we were all so expectant that this year would bring a trophy.

But it is one thing to write off a season, another to write off a new manager before he is allowed to put his stamp on the team.

I hope Josep can get a result for us this weekend, a win over the Mariners would bring us to within 1 point of the Central Coast team and put us in the top 6 temporarily.

It would put our season back on track and give us a platform to try and overcome fellow underperforming teams Brisbane, Victory and Perth Glory.

After that, it is a rejuvenated Newcastle Jets and the transfer window swings open for the arrival of Melbourne City on new years day.

If Gombau wants funds in January he will want to take points against the F3 teams, get us in the 6 or at least challenging for it and show he is worthy of the money needed for a rebuild.

Popa bought players who could play his system, Josep deserves the same opportunity.

The best way to shut up the critics, give the club reason to invest and make the fans happy is a reaction against last weeks game.

5-0 at home in a derby is unacceptable.

3 points are a must this week or I fear we will see a new hashtag trending among Wanderers fans.

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