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Ridiculous VAR decisions costs us again

The VAR itself seems to be a discretionary system whereby if there is a way of taking a goal off us, giving one to our opponents or merely overlooking an incident so as not to bring attention to the officiating it comes into play.

Tonight we saw the boys fight for every ball and it must be said it was a good performance, we missed out on all 3 points as is becoming customary, however, you cannot fault the team’s graft nor the team the gaffer put on the park.

The first moment of officiating madness was for Adelaide’s second goal, there was a clear offside with the linesman standing adjacent to the pass in question.

A few minutes later Wanderers broke down the left and were in on goal, there was contact in the box and the VAR was called, from the ensuing review it was seen not to be a ‘clear and obvious error’ and the penalty shout was turned down.

This shows the issue with the technology itself, it is more to do with protecting a referees ego than it is about getting the right decision.

Hand on the man and legs come together, clear penalty.

Contact in the box which prevents the player from running in on goals is a penalty kick, simple.

However, the officials do not want to have mistakes against their names so even when there is contact in the box it becomes discretionary.

Last week we saw Keogh lean into Hammil, therefore, creating contact, the two both had hands on each other and then Keogh fell like a man shot by a sniper.

The penalty was given and since there was contact the original decision was upheld even though there is no way in hell that 2 players infringing upon each other and one suddenly falling over constitutes a penalty.

If the referee had waved play on and it had been VAR referred, it would have been upheld as no penalty for example, the system has more to do with the interpretation of the official’s decision than the implementation of the rules of Football.

They say what goes around comes around, this is to do with those 50/50 calls, in the last 2 weeks the VAR has cost us 2 wins, instead of being around the top 6 we are fighting to avoid the wooden spoon.

Heads must roll, not at our club, but whoever is selecting referees and assistants like this needs a stint in under 7’s, these errors are ridiculous, if you can’t make a decision whilst being paid thousands to watch TV it would be better for everyone if we got rid of the VAR altogether.

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