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Santa shows he has one last campaign to fight

This season has been abysmal on and off the field, crowd figures, divisions in active, appeals never heard, multiple managers, suspended deductions and let’s not even start on our beloved administrators at the FFA.

But for all the misery, there is something that has been omnipresent at Wanderers since our second campaign, Brendon Santalab.

The man bleeds WSW, he is everything I and many of us all love about our club, a precocious talent who somehow loves the support more than we do him, a player of undoubted talent and incredible skill.

The curtain is coming down on Brendon’s career, age spares no one, he is no different.

But this Champion of Asia showed us yesterday that he has more to give, his goal may have been a tap-in but his on-field presence is something that not only lifts the team, it lifts the club.

The odds are that the Smurfs will win it this year, hell you would be brave to bet against it, but herein lies an advantage we dare not speak of, a Grand Final in Sydney.

If we can avoid the Easterners in the Semi-Finals then we have one of 2 options, an away Grand Final against someone we should fancy to beat or a Grand Final in this city we own.

Either way, we will have no pressure on us, only the diehards have not written this season off, but yesterday’s win has propelled us to the cusp of another finals campaign, from there we are just 3 wins from the toilet seat.

Santa isn’t the long-term fix at Wanderers, but this legend hasn’t finished writing his story in our clubs history.

All of us know full well the trophy we crave, maybe Santa will give us a present before he goes.

Gavin Devine

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