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Scrap the cap and watch Wanderers soar

There is talk of scrapping the salary cap of the A-League, simply fantastic news for 4 clubs, Wanderers, City, Victory and the Smurfs. All of these clubs have access to large amounts of money in the form of City and the Easterners due to their owners and with Wanderers and MVFC both are able to draw large crowds and therefore income.

With just a season to go before we make our way home to Wanderland, the opportunities within the new stadium will give Wanderers an edge over many of our A-League rivals, with top-notch spectator, corporate, media and service facilities from which to increase revenue.

With no salary cap, Wanderers would be able to do what every other big club does once it goes 4 or 5 years without winning a trophy, INVEST! Wanderers have drawn in 10’s of millions since being bought for a mere $15 million, with no salary cap we could see new manager Babbel given the opportunity to recruit more and better players.

Also up for debate are transfers between A-League clubs, something long overdue. With FIFA monitoring Australia’s governance, we are finally falling into line on what are the basic building blocks of Football around the world. This augers well for those of us who would like to see a pyramid introduced and a natural order established.

Like the rest of World Football, the big teams have more money, they buy better players and they win more trophies. The sooner the cap is gone the better for Football in Australia, also, all the better for Western Sydney Wanderers FC, a club in the centre of Football’s heartland.

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