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Another abysmal performance from the wanderers overnight saw an end to the unbeaten away games in the champions league. Crashing down to earth against a much higher quality opponent with the likes of Hulk, Oscar and Elkeson ripping the wanderers frail defence apart.

Following on from a poor result on matchday 1, the wanderers looked to bounce back in a crucial away match against one of China’s heavyweights. Only 3 minutes in, Hulk smashed a header from within the box to open the scoring and sink the early hopes of a tight contest. Not even 15 minutes later and Oscar had doubled the lead from a Hulk assist, allowing for the home side to display their dominance and marking the massive difference in class between the two sides.

                 Image credit:  JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images

The wanderers were handed a lifeline when Mitch Nichols struck back only minutes later, providing the wanderers with some hope. However their hopes were crushed once again when a save even Andrew Redmayne could’ve handled was spilled right into the path of

Shi Ke who smashed the ball into the roof of the net.
Only 2 minutes later Shanghai put the game to bed before halftime scoring again from a second Hulk assist to Elkeson, the wanderers were outplayed and outclassed all across the pitch.

When looking at the difference between the two squads, the money is key to displaying how far behind, not only the wanderers, but the whole A league has fallen behind the other Asian leagues. Brisbane Roar also going down 6-0 away to Ulan Hyandai overnight. Who knows, maybe having big name marquees like Eduardo da Silva and Robbie Keane could have changed the wanderers fortunes last night, but not to be due to FFA’s Cahill rule only allowing money for one man (cough cough).

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The result could mean the end of the line for Popovic, often critised for his optimism, not even last night could he find a positive from a poor result. Poor recruiting has cost the wanderers this season from start to finish, Borda looked extremely out of his depth last night and Hamill has never improved or developed since season 1.

Dimas, the man charged to lead the wanderers to another year of glory looks uninterested and shows no signs of changing anytime soon. This could very well be the beginning of the end of the wanderers. But one things for sure, whether its now or at seasons end, a clear out needs to happen.

Shanghai SIPG 5 – 1 Western Sydney Wanderers


Feature image: AFP PHOTO / Johannes EISELE

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