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Slump time hits the harbour

We all knew this would happen, ESFC got out to a flying start and just when the media was duped by their invincibility something amazing happened, they drew.

Then they drew again.

Then they lost.

Lets be clear, this will continue, they will not dig their way out of this.

The yearly phenomena known as the Sydney FC slump is back and right on queue.

We have all heard the delusion of the Smurfs as they point to their silver star and titles won without us in the League.

We hear of their ‘History’ and a few Championships won long ago, 2448 days ago to be exact.

At the moment, Sydney FC’s drought is the post code of Nambucca heads, i would bet on them making Darwin the way they are going.

8000 doesn’t look impossible for a club so poorly run both on and off the field.

On field they are a shambles who had a lucky start, lets look at their team in depth.

Vukovic (GK), Ryall, Jurman, Brillante, Zullo, Bobo, Ninkovic, O’Neill, Brosque, Holosko, Grant Subs: Evans (GK), Wilkinson, Dimitrijevic, Carney, Simon

Vukovic has lost more trophies than Arnie has lost hair since he slapped Mark Shield.

He went from being one of Australia’s finest young keepers to a journeyman, more at home leading the commiserations than the victory song.

Another final lost in another clubs colours.

Ryall shouldn’t be playing football, Nuff said.

Jurman is playing some good football and is among the pick of them for me.

Brillante is another Vukovic, promised so much, delivered so little.

Zullo isn’t half the player he was at Brisbane and is another journeyman.

Bobo is yet another import who will leave with a bag of money and no medals.

Ninkovic is a good player without being great.

O’Neill is decent.

Brosque is old and saves his best performances with both ball and mouth for the derby.

He may well be a pain against us for years to come, but to the rest he is a 1 dimensional and 1 footed player.

Holosko is another decent player.

Grant is an uninspiring player who is at home at the Smurf village.

Off the field the club are an even bigger disgrace.

Their Russian owners haven’t turned a profit since they bought the club once known as “Bling FC” but hasn’t seen anything shiny since we have been watching anyway.

Remember when we were linked to Ballack in season 1 and we were told we needed Bling to keep up.

They signed Del Piero, made huge losses and won nothing.

We assembled a group of trialists and won the Asian Champions league within 18 months.

Sydney FC of course have another Achilles heal, their notoriously fickle support.

Of the 18,751 who watched the cup final very few were from Bondi, imagine how many we would have taken?

Even when they are winning their fans don’t watch them, now as the dropped points and missed opportunities start to rack up, their will be even less.

Long may Arnie reign.

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