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Stadiums, Crowds and Fans

It feels as though this is the great debate since the season’s start. Actually it started many months before then. Which stadium to call our own for the next 3 years?

The club put it to a vote which included Belmore, Campbelltown, Penrith and Sydney Olympic Park. The majority of the vote went to Sydney Olympic Park; Spotless for the majority of games and ANZ for derbies, Melbourne Victory and when the Big Bash was on.
Of course this rubbed a few fans the wrong way as they felt the oval shape of both fields would harm the game, or that it was too far to travel, or that it didn’t feel like home.

To me only one of those is a fair criticism; that it doesn’t feel like home. The oval field isn’t terrible, yes some fans are further away from the action, but it’s still decent. And too far to travel? There is a train station a 2 minute walk away from the grounds with plenty of trains running with free transport.
Last night when we finally played at Campbelltown stadium, only 9477 fans showed up. One of the stadiums that people were crying out us to play at drew the lowest attendance of the season for us.

“But wait.” I hear you say! “There are good reasons why I didn’t go to the game.”

Firstly it was ridiculously hot. It was 29 degrees according to my weather app, but standing in the blistering sun adds about 10 to that number. Secondly tickets had to be purchased as it was the community round, our 14th home game when memberships are based on 13 games.
So yes there are reasons, but I don’t think they justify the low crowd figures. So my question to all the people complaining about SOP and that we should play at Campbelltown, where were you?

The stadium itself was great. The pitch was fantastic, the waters were $3, soft drinks, cheap food and full strength beer. Only other complaint would be the lack of ATM service, in which I was told that there was one on the Western side, and that there were no drink trays.
Whilst Campbelltown Stadium was great for a community round, I don’t think a full season there would do us any justice. I for one, cannot wait to get back to Spotless stadium, despite their over priced food and half strength beers.

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