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SWS a threat that must be met with spending

The emergence of South Western Sydney into the A-League is strange, after setting up the A-League with no club from Football’s hinterland, 2 of the last 3 have come from our patch.

There is no point complaining about it, we are much better of merely competing with it.

There have been rumbles of Mile Jedinak coming to the new franchise, his contract is up at the end of the year meaning he will likely either sign an extension or move on for free, come this January, of course, he can sign a pre-contract.

If we are to sit back hoarding the money our club makes and passing over opportunities like this then our club has a shelf life, if we are proactive in the transfer market and show a streak of real ambition with both a well known marquee and an enhanced local squad then we will again establish ourselves as the number one team in the city, let alone the west of it.

The next window will be an interesting one, we have been given a head start on this new club, we must take it.

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