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Terry Antonis

When January came about i like many was waiting for a host of new players to come into the club and a few of the more maligned players to leave.

Our mid year signings appeared haphazard, Griffiths was brought back home from Asia at the tender age of 35.

Vedran Janjetovic who had been public enemy number one came on board to grumbles across the terraces and social media.

The former has barely been used, the latter has been a revelation and long live the Viper.

But in the centre of the park, Terry Antonis has fundamentally altered the shape of the midfield, gone are the overly defensive pairings of the start of the season.

Further to that Kerryn Baccus is playing inspired football off his shoulder, he is getting forward far more into attacking areas on the back of some quality distribution.

4-2-3-1 is a system we are all going to have to deal with for some time, we cant blame Popa, everyone’s using it.

But from the Wanderers experience this year, the 2 players in the holding roles have dictated the teams fortunes.

When Pinatares and Dimas have played they have been overly defensive.

Baccus has played well at times with Dimas but as i said above, is a completely different player alongside Antonis.

Since Terry came to the club he has provided not just a spark for our attacking players, he has given the defence a boost with commanding defensive displays in the centre of the park.

Cornthwaite has a lot to do with that also and Aspro has cut a lot of the mistakes that were in plain sight earlier, Clisby has been great all year for mine.

A quick look at Terry’s record isn’t great.

After bursting on the scene with East Sydney he has hardly played any football, the sole appearance for Veria was as an 88th minute substitute.

Terry Antonis is a player of great potential and he is being wasted at his parent club, 5 competitive games of football including 3 substitute appearances is no where near enough football for a young man.

At just 23, Wanderers should be looking to a long term deal to not just tie up Terry Antonis for Wanderers, but to kick start this lads stalled career again.

A lot is made of the lack of matriculation of Australian players to top leagues in Europe.

A more pressing problem is fresh Australian talent being sold on the cheap to clubs on the periphery where they fall by the way side.

Terry Antonis has played for Australia from Under 17’s through to the Socceroos, a player of his talent cannot be wasted to our national colours.

He was signed for $500,000 to the Greeks, how much they would want for him to come back is anyone’s guess but you would suggest less.

The FFA gave assistance with contracts such as Cahill’s to a consortium worth billions.

The amount of help required to get a player who is 14 younger would be considerably less and a far smarter investment for the Green and Gold.

However the deal needs to be done, the facts are Terry Antonis has the players, managers and fans respect.

Lets make him part of the furniture at Western Sydney, get this lad signed up.

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