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The Bad, the Worse and the Brilliant – WSW Round Review

A real mix of results, we take a look at the A/W/Y League Results from the weekend, in that order (from worst to best) so you won’t slit your wrists at the end of it…

A-League: 0-2 WSWvBRI
Saturday night saw the Wanderers go down at home and saw me as disappointed as a guy that just munched down on a turd sandwich and didn’t like the taste of the bread.

A pitiful performance, with wasted early chances, limited real threatening or adventurous attack for the majority of the match and poor defending, were just some of the issues in one of our most disappointing performances in recent memory.

Now, I know we copped injuries to Riera and Sotirio (possible hamstring strains to both), causing early subs and some other niggles to Cejudo, Jumpei and Risdon  (all finished and said by Gombau to be injury free). However, I don’t know about you but I’m about as sick of making excuses for us this year as the entire footballing community is sick of Darth Lowy & Co’s ‘administration’ of the game. Injuries aside, it was a poor performance and we now sit 9th out of 10 teams, with a Sydney Derby against the league leaders next week. On the upside, only just over 8000 fans had to sit in the rain and watch it (which shockingly was the highest attendance of the round – but it’s ok because Lowy told us the game has never been in a better position).

Let’s just hope Gombau can turn things around and implement his changes sooner rather than later. The Plate is already out of reach, let’s not let the Toilet Seat get too far away too, cos I’m gonna need it at the rate these performances are giving me the shits! (Sorry – I can do better.. BUT so can the Wanderers!!!)

W-League: 0-1 WSWvPER
The Wanderers Women  (or WanderWomen) also suffered a loss this week, but under much different circumstances. The girls put in a great performance against star studded league leaders Perth Glory. We were unlucky not to score and were only undone by the Matildas hero of the moment.

I have to admit, as much as I want us to win, my heart still throbs when Sam Kerr (aka Bae) puts it into the back of the net.

A dissapointing result but a good performance. Annndd.. we got to see Bae in action.. so not a terrible night..

Y-League: 3-1 Sydney Derby
I told you things would end on a high note!
Not only did our youth squad have a big win over last year’s runners up with a Sydney Derby win, they continued their perfect start to the season! That’s 3 wins from 3 matches to sit top of our group by a margin of 4 points.

(Just quickly for those not familiar with the Y-League set up. There are 2 groups, ours being all the NSW teams and Canberra. The winners of each group play off in a final – last season Melbourne City defeated Sydney in the final)

Our familiar faces of Majok, Scott and Lustica (I know, I’m shocked too but he is technically young enough – though not convinced there isn’t some Drew Barrymore thing going on) have helped to this end and have featured heavily on the score sheets. Forged Birth Certificates aside, the future really does look bright for Western Sydney.

Well, from all this there is only 1 thing left to say ahead of next week… May The Force Be With You!

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