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The Bloc is not for sale

A quick message to all those who want RBB tickets for derbies or finals… Don’t think that because its derby day, we all want the bloc to swell up, we don’t want your cameras, your chanting at 20%. We don’t need the low pitch, mundane chanting attempts.

If you want to experience the derby and really understand why it’s so special, buy memberships like the rest of us. Go through the pain week in, week out going through the overzealous security checks, the constant policing presence, the newfound hatred you’ll find for the east, it all manifests over time, not in the 3 games you’ll attend.

Don’t think that fuck off east Sydney is the only chant we fire up for, or that Dale Cavese is 3 seconds long, or that all the chants don’t matter, then why would you even bother calling yourself active, other than the snapchats and insta posts you’ll chuck up constantly throughout the game.

It’s selfish and declines a person who may have chanted and done something the opportunity to be there. If you weren’t there at ANZ, or thought that active tickets are preserved for you only on derby days, then why should you be afforded a privilege so many of us pay for?

Only for actual bloc members to be ousted to the sides because you decided to miss the march and go straight in? Yes, the new Wanderland has changed things, its bought all the ring-ins back, if you’re a Wanderers fan, there are more than 3 rounds you’re allowed to attend, not just the derby in which you all somehow become wannabe ultras.

Written by:

Hamish O’Rourke¬†

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