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The board must show ambition or WSW will become Football’s Parramatta Eels

Before Wanderers I watched a lot of Rugby League, loved the game with a passion, I am an old Bulldogs fan who grew up in Blacktown so all my mates were Parra fans, having grown up in the 80’s I witnessed their golden era, now I just laugh at them.

Parra’s gonna win the comp this year wow if I had a fiver for every time I had heard that I could buy Wanderers and sign Messi as marquee! Wanderers are somehow going down the same path, we are well supported, have a golden era that endlessly threatens to return, are easily the biggest club in the district and are brimming with potential.

We are also the whipping boys of our rivals when we once elicited fear, we are trophyless in an age when we once expected to challenge for everything, we clearly do not have the personnel to make a title challenge and the board is happy to keep taking the highest entrance price in the league whilst we watch our dreams slip through our fingers.

Something needs to be done, as I stated, our fans are funding the club, let there be no mistake the rank and file have gone above and beyond, we travel well as our trip to Mudgee proves and we have added sponsors such as JD and Thai Airways in the last months showing we are a viable corporate entity.

However, our owner who is sitting on over $800 million is unwilling to spend on success, hoping instead that we can pick up some bargains and work miracles with them as Popa was renown for when he came to the club. This quite simply is a flawed approach to Football, what Popa did was revolutionary, he threw the textbook out the window and wrote his own.

What is needed is to follow the business plans on offer at Sydney FC and Melbourne Victory, basically to bring in proven goal scorers, marketable players and maintain a core playing group that would be the envy of any club in the competition. It isn’t rocket science, it is common sense.

That a successful businessman cant make a success of a business that only needs to be capiatlised to the tune of the salary cap plus an Australian and a foreign marquee is amazing, surely by getting the team winning it will bring many more of those $40 tickets through the gate and pay off the investment.

Wanderers need to spend, we are in a stasis at the moment, one which as the Eels can attest can become a culture, a culture of failure. For all their fans, all their facilities and all their money, they haven’t won a thing since 1986. The majority of people reading this were not born then.

It is time to stop the rot, if the board are not willing to spend on the team, then sell the club to someone who will.


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